Near net shape rings with unique axial profiling

One of the biggest ring-rolling line in India with in-house machining and testing facility. Our unique axial profiling with automatic process control helps us deliver fully-machined near net shape forged rings that has diverse application across multiple segments.

Forging highlights:


Forging: 42,000 MT, CNC
Machining: 25,000 MT

Ring size:

500mm – 5,000mm
Height- up to 550mm,
Finished weight – 200 Kgs – 3200 Kgs

Material used:

Structural steel – S 355 NL, bearing steel – 42CrMo4, stainless steel grades- SS410,310,304 and other high alloy steels

Machining range:

Structural rings:
500mm – 5,000mm,
Bearing rings:
500mm – 2,400mm

Virtual tour of our forging process

Machining process

Rust prevention

  • Protective coating is applied on the machined components to avoid corrosion during transportation and storage.
  • Tower flanges 100% area including holes are coated by spray painting with Weldable Epoxy Zinc primer. This is readily weldable and doesn’t have any detrimental effect on welding quality hence there is no need to remove before welding.
  • Tower flanges normally bearing rings are coated with Mineral based oils. After coating, rings are wrapped with VCI films to ensure longer shelf life.

Export worthy packaging

  • Tower flanges: Tower flanges are stacked keeping wooden spacers in between to avoid metal-to-metal contact. Metallic studs with rubber tubes on top are passed though the holes and clamped to prevent relative movement between flanges
  • Bearing rings: After applying anti-corrosive oil, bearing rings are wrapped with VCI films followed by stretch film. Edge protectors safeguard the bearing edges/corners from damage. Rings are stacked and clamped with wooden runners

Quality testing

100% in-house testing facility to ensure maximum precision

We adhere to world class quality compliance at every stage of our manufacturing process to deliver high-precision products consistently.

  • Raw material inspection- (grade, visual and dimension)
  • Hot inspection rolling- (first piece approval)
  • Dimension inspection- (as rolled)
  • Dimension inspection- (as heat treated)
  • Metallurgical inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Liquid penetrant inspection
  • Faro inspection- (machined)
  • CMM inspection- (machined)
  • Gauge inspection- (PCD and template)
  • Final inspection- (machined)
  • Coating inspection
  • Pre-dispatch inspection

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